Blind Hockey in Montreal

Established in 1979, Club de hockey sonore Les Hiboux de Montréal, is a recognized leader in team sport for the visually handicapped, from low vision to totally blind. Our hockey club is participatory and recreational.

Blind hockey is just like the hockey game we all know, except for a few adaptations. For instance, we use an empty 48 oz. can painted black instead of a puck. The can is larger, slower and much noisier than a regular hockey puck. It is easy to locate and stickhandle. This allows all players to participate, regardless of their relative skills and residual vision.

Les Hiboux is a registered charitable organization that offers visually handicapped adults from the Greater Montreal Area the opportunity to be active in a safe and fun environment.

We play every Monday at 8h00PM at Francis-Bouillon Arena (near Prefontaine metro station). If you are visually handicapped, know how to skate and wish to play hockey, you’re welcome! Please contact us at 514-349-2968 or [email protected]


The Gazette, Montréal’s main english newspaper, writes about Les Hiboux and their quest for the perfect puck: